Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Annals of Old Moon: Happy Halloween or Happy Samhain

As a Halloween treat, why not indulge in a little reminiscence?  Click on the link to re-read last year's Samhain story on a particularly ghoulish night! The Annals of Old Moon: Happy Halloween or Happy Samhain:

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Grey Spear

Hello all!  Welcome back to the word hoard and happy National Poetry Day!  We've got a few things in store for you this month, so be sure to check back weekly.  We're also working away on some cool stuff to feature in the near future.  We'll give you updates as progress is made!  Thanks, as always for reading!

Grey Spear
Tarry not my girl at water's edge.
Hie you homeward, cast no look behind,
For comes the Grey Spear, stalking in the sedge.
No more than sticklebacks to him, our kind.
Beware his gaze, for such shall lay a bind
Upon your life and limb, so rigid still
You'll stand, with drooling jaw and death-aligned,
Your end descending swift, his craw to fill.
Comes the Grey Spear treading hungry 'pon the rill.