Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Alban Arthan

Happy Christmas one and all!  
Here's a Yule carol to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Summer may not quite be a-cumen in just yet, but long balmy evenings and the gentle buzz of bees is a promise to cherish in this wild, dark and stormy time.
So feast, quaff and be merry, for the Oak King has the Throne!


Alban Arthan

Hark the stirring snowdrops sing,
Victory to the Oaken King!
Born to rule 'til Summer's height,
Holly falls before his might.
Takes his crown in rough-barked hand,
Lays his foe beneath the land,
Hark the waking snowdrops sing,
Glory to the risen king!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Annals of Old Moon: Happy Halloween or Happy Samhain

As a Halloween treat, why not indulge in a little reminiscence?  Click on the link to re-read last year's Samhain story on a particularly ghoulish night! The Annals of Old Moon: Happy Halloween or Happy Samhain:

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Grey Spear

Hello all!  Welcome back to the word hoard and happy National Poetry Day!  We've got a few things in store for you this month, so be sure to check back weekly.  We're also working away on some cool stuff to feature in the near future.  We'll give you updates as progress is made!  Thanks, as always for reading!

Grey Spear
Tarry not my girl at water's edge.
Hie you homeward, cast no look behind,
For comes the Grey Spear, stalking in the sedge.
No more than sticklebacks to him, our kind.
Beware his gaze, for such shall lay a bind
Upon your life and limb, so rigid still
You'll stand, with drooling jaw and death-aligned,
Your end descending swift, his craw to fill.
Comes the Grey Spear treading hungry 'pon the rill.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Celandine (Colored/Coloured): Pages 1-2

Phil and I got to talking, and we decided to see what the pages would look like colored/coloured.  Whatdya think?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Game of Thrones

Hurrah! The wonderful HBO series Game of Thrones has recently returned for its third season,
and to celebrate this, here's a poem about one of my favourite characters from the series.
If you haven't watched any yet, do check it out cos it's brilliant. Not as brilliant however as the series of books the tv show is based upon. Finest tale I've read, five books in and it's not finished yet!
Check out the reviews on Amazon...

Anyway, here's the poem. Thanks for reading :)

The Spider

As you pace and plot within your tower,
Can your vision pierce the flesh and see the bones
That truly serve to frame your will to power?
O lordling, would you play the game of thrones?

They cut away my manhood as a boy,
And as I bled, I watched it as it burned.
I learned to live by ruse, and trick, and ploy,
And how to ride each tide before it turned.

I attend to every trouble, every care.
My little birds, they whisper many things.
That which I learn, I choose, or not, to share;
Such is my shield amidst this clash of kings.

Aerys? Oh, now he was truly mad.
I watched the horrors burn away his mind.
The acts that he committed made me... sad,
For 'tis true, I knew him when he could be kind.

They sneer at me, and march off to their wars,
These brutal, preening, all-unknowing lords.
I know them for their hungers and their flaws;
Such grants me shelter 'neath a storm of swords.

Robert, not well-suited to the game,
Once made a handsome sight, but little more.
The... accident that took him was a shame;
Drunken, fat, and gutted by a boar.

I shivered when I saw the raven's feathers.
I feel the breeze wax colder as it blows.
I see the warlords straining at their tethers,
Each eager to provide a feast for crows.

Joffrey? What a fierce, strong-minded child!
What more a lion could a king beget?
I fear his power has not made him mild,
But we may see him learn his lesson yet.

The maesters say this world has lost its magic,
That power now resides in axe, and lance.
Some shake their learned heads, pronounce it tragic,
That we shall no more see the dragons' dance.

But me? I've caught some rumours and some tattle,
That my little birds have flown me from the east.
I wonder if this time of blades, and battle,
One day will not matter in the least.

I've heard that when this troubled summer dies,
Our tears shall freeze, our swords will shard and splinter.
The blizzards from the north will shroud our skies,
And we shall shudder 'neath the winds of winter.

But 'til that fated day I live to serve,
And whisper to whomever sits the throne.
Some say that I will get what I deserve,
But the truth of what that is remains my own.

The members of the council come and go,
But I remain and tend my noble king.
And when the castles sink beneath the snow,
I'll nestle deep, and dream a dream of spring.

What care I which beast becrowns your helm?
I serve not you.
I serve the realm.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Celebrating One Year of The Annals of Old Moon

Wow, it's our birthday!
It's been a great (and busy) first year. 
This coming year should be even busier, what with our continuing webcomic Totem,
and new sagas, riddles and tales from the endless depths of the Word-Hoard.
Thank you to all our readers and supporters.
(over 5000 views! Thank you!)
Next week: Firetail, our spring equinox special...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013: Things to Come

Happy New Year, all!  2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year.  We're currently working on a graphic novel-style poem for the Annals.  It'll be about the wolfmen of the north, the Varulfuren.  Our goal is to print out a couple and peddle them around town as well as work on a downloadable version for tablets and e-readers.  We'll be formatting The Night Before Samhain for e-reader as well, so look out for that late Summer early Autumn.  We're also hoping to continue the Varou Saga, reintroduce Nimravus, meet a mysterious geomancer, follow the exploits of Jack and see what happens next to Karju, Tuotaa and Skabb.  All in all, 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year.

Here is a glimpse of some things to come: