Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Welcome to the Word-Hoard part 2

Hi there and welcome to The Annals of Old Moon.

Let me tell you a bit about it.

This is the Word-Hoard, a poem cycle concerning beasts and gods, magick and myth, savage evils and inhuman beauties. It's inspired by my love of nature first and foremost, but also of North European mythology, the old sagas, prehistory, and folklore. My idea has been to extend and elaborate upon familiar (and some not so familiar) ideas and concepts and breathe a new life into them. The poems tell of an ancient time, one that is dominated by animals, but is also peopled by the old gods of the North.
The animals are at the heart of it. Ruled by Fireya, the White Dragon Queen, they comprise the Aristocracy of Beasts. Otter and fox, cormorant and wolf, eagle and stag, they all bow their heads at the court of the Queen of the Earth.
There are other creatures too. Older, darker beings that walk the world no more, lost in the mists of extinction (You'll meet such a one in the coming weeks).
And there are monsters dwelling in the depths of the Word-Hoard. Foul things no one would wish to meet (but meet them you shall).
Then of course there's Old Moon, the hare. He is the Teller, the keeper of the Word-Hoard. An ancient and frail creature now, he once was Duke Moon, honoured at the court of Fireya.
His final task, laid upon him by his queen; to lay these tales before you.
Take him by the paw, and he'll lead you back and back to a forgotten world...

So that's the Annals of Old Moon. I've been writing it for six years now and I've hardly scratched the surface.
A year and a half ago I met Russ, whose vision and talent has imbued the poems with a wonder and depth that my words alone could never convey.
Our dream is that one day you'll to be able to hold the Annals in your hands and turn the pages.
This website is a step toward realising that dream.

We hope you enjoy The Annals of Old Moon.
Any feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated.
And please share it on if you like what you find.

Thanks for visiting!


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