Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Rhyme Royal Riddle

'Fireya the White had a fondness for riddles,
If wrought with a cunning and guile.
Rixosa, her fool, held many in store,
That ever could make the Queen smile.'
                                                                               The Annals of Old Moon

Tanner's hand-strong yet supple and pliant,
I push ‘gainst the pull of a snicking hack-hack.  
 I am gaoler to gluttony’s harvest defiant,
And will gnash my tail raw before letting up slack.   
Reflection’s offense is a cinch to attack.
My closed-hand embraces, though painful, console.
  I am bound to keep dignity held high and whole.

What could it be?
If you think you know the answer,
leave it in the comments below.
As before, we'll put all the correct answers in a hat, 
and the winner will receive
a rather lovely (and utterly exclusive!) 
Annals of Old Moon button badge.
This weekend Russ will post an illustration of the riddle's solution.
So get guessing!

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